A r t i s t ' s   S t a t e m e n t

Frank Stella Studio, Houston TX
Inspiration for my latest series of work, Lines, comes from my work experience on the Frank Stella Project and from my surroundings and life experiences. The Stella Project for the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music Opera House includes a stunning 6,000 square foot mural of bold colors. These vibrant colors and Stella’s “pictorially-informed architecture” influenced and challenged me to incorporate these same bold, acrylic colors into my palette of oils. For my Lines series, I developed a unique process by glazing acrylics with oils to achieve jewel-like colors and depth of field.

In addition to the Frank Stella influence, the constant changing environment has directly and indirectly influenced my art. From my studio windows I have witnessed the tearing down of beautiful old buildings and the “revitalization” of downtown Houston. From my home I have watched the rapid deforestation of the land. These events are alluded to in my paintings.

Inspiration is conscious at times, but often is unconscious and not realized until the painting is completed.

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